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Original Art: The Underutilized Decorating Tool

Your home offers you an amazing design opportunity. Art makes a house a home. Carefully chosen pieces of art reflect a family’s values, interests, and personality. It should not just be an afterthought, but central to your decorating and living process. Original art pieces can help tell the story of your special life. Not only does artwork make a visual statement, it can offer so much more. How do you want people to feel when entering your home? Set the mood with color and design. Consider first impression sightlines. A beautiful landscape portrait or a softly hued abstract canvas in an entryway can be welcoming. Each room in a house deserves consideration. A main living area is often the focus for fine art. Choose something that speaks to you. Both modern and traditional styles can set mood for this busy space. Look through selections in an online gallery such as, a great website to purchase original art to see the vast number of choices available. There are many medium…