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Construction Site Security Strategies for 2018

Technology, Strategy, and CostsIn this article, we will talk about some of the new high-tech ways to protect your construction site from theft or other types of capital loss. Outdoor job sites or construction projects left unattended can be a very costly mistake. With that in mind, we want to be able to secure our materials and equipment from anyone who may be a potential thief or hindrance in the progress of the project. Radius Security recently published a helpful surveillance guide for 2018.Losses as a result of weather are materialistic or equipment-based. This can cause costly delays and replacements that get in the way of progress. Making sure to lock up or protect materials in a weather-proof storage area is a wonderful way to avoid this.But what about thievery? One of the most common of materials we have seen stolen from job sites is copper, among other recyclable metals. Other items frequently taken include equipment and power tools that can be sold for approximately half of …

Benefits of a Power Analyzer for Commercial Building Power

Poor quality power in a commercial building can be the source of a myriad of problems. Betweenvoltage sags as swells, over-voltage issues, harmonics, and grounding related problems, businesses canexperience repeated outages and be forced to replace sensitive components and equipment long beforeit’s natural end of life.But this is the route that many maintenance and plant managers find themselves taking. With a lack ofvisibility and knowledge into their building’s power issues, these professionals end up treating thesymptoms, while the real problems continue unchecked. The results are unplanned outages whilemechanical and electrical components are swapped out from failures. These fixes are quick but costly,and they never get to the root of the problem. recently published a great list of power quality issues that can be solved for larger real buildings.What is needed is a real solution that exposes and addresses the actual issues. Moreover, it would behelpful if that so…