The CRE® 2016-17 Top Issues Affecting Real Estate

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE David J. Caracausa Realtor and Trusted Real Estate Consultant of Coldwell Banker Shares Insights on The CRE® 2016-17 Top Issues Affecting Real Estate David J. Caracausa Realtor and Trusted Real Estate Consultant with Coldwell Banker, today shared insights about the most crucial issues impacting U.S. commercial and residential real estate. David J. Caracausa is a member of The Counselors of Real Estate® (CRE®), the global professional association which annually announces The Top Issues Affecting Real Estate, an analysis of the most significant business trends and conditions which identify and rank real estate opportunities and risks. Members of CRE are highly experienced property experts who provide specialized and objective advisory services to clients; membership is by invitation. Only 1,100 people in the world hold the CRE credential.David J. Caracausa, said uncertainty within the global economy, availability and affordability of commercial and residential real estate, and the large numbers of both aging Baby Boomers and young Millennials simultaneously in the marketplace will have the greatest impact on real estate over the next 12 months.Other important factors include increasing densification within cities; the current political environment; the disappearing middle class; energy market, behavioral and purchasing changes sparked by “the sharing economy;” and the growing evolution of retail centers and shopping malls into “experiential” destinations.The Counselors of Real Estate organization is known for thought leadership, objective insights and extraordinary professional reach, with more than 50 real estate specialties represented among its member experts. Members contribute to development of the Top Issues Affecting Real Estate by participating in one of 14 sectors of the CRE External Affairs (Issues and Trends) initiative. David J. Caracausa has been a CRE member since 2012. For questions or assistance in any real estate matter contact David J. Caracausa at or at 215-699-2600 The post The CRE® 2016-17 Top Issues Affecting Real Estate was originally posted on The Premier Properties Group news page. Property Listings
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