Original Art: The Underutilized Decorating Tool

Your home offers you an amazing design opportunity. Art makes a house a home. Carefully chosen pieces of art reflect a family’s values, interests, and personality. It should not just be an afterthought, but central to your decorating and living process. Original art pieces can help tell the story of your special life. Not only does artwork make a visual statement, it can offer so much more. How do you want people to feel when entering your home? Set the mood with color and design. Consider first impression sightlines. A beautiful landscape portrait or a softly hued abstract canvas in an entryway can be welcoming. Each room in a house deserves consideration. A main living area is often the focus for fine art. Choose something that speaks to you. Both modern and traditional styles can set mood for this busy space. Look through selections in an online gallery such as ArstyHome.com, a great website to purchase original art to see the vast number of choices available. There are many mediums as well. Tapestries, weavings, metal sculptures, and photography can be focal points. Mixing family photos with fine prints and original artworks is an exciting way to tell a visual story. Mixing personal photos with art selections in wall groupings is fun.Sunflower by Ata Alishahi Often homeowners place indoor plants in the kitchen as decor.  Unfortunately, some of us weren’t born with a green thumb. Artwork can solve this problem.  Science has proven that paintings or prints of nature are just as soothing. Green backgrounds work with most kitchen palettes and add life to any room. One large piece is impressive or purchase a few small still lifes that can be rotated throughout the seasons.  Keep the frames simple and crisp for easy redecorating when the area needs a lift. Bedrooms should be relaxing and personal.  Color is the most important factor when decorating a sleeping area. Soft colors, especially blues and greens, enhance sleep. Muted gray and white photographs are also soothing. A current trend is calligraphy interwoven with art design. Many artists are adding inspirational quotes to original artwork. A simple phrase or poem to read each morning gets the day started right. Find something that makes you smile. Keep this in mind when designing a child’s bedroom as well. If you have an older child, allow him or her to view art choices with you to personalize their spaces.Keep the bathroom in mind when selecting artwork. A few carefully selected pieces can change a bland boring room into a delight. Whimsical prints or a fun small sculpture on a shelf make a bathroom more spalike. Coordinate with the wall tone or add bright, bold pops of color. Art does not just hang on the wall.  It can also be very practical. Pendant lighting is an exciting trend that can be incorporated into any room. Artists are creating amazing pieces that function as both light and sculpture. Wall and shelf clocks are also potential art decor. Artists have incorporated clocks into canvas, sculpture, wall hangings and wooden carvings. Tableware is a traditional place for creative expression. Look for bowls, serving dishes, painted kettles and even salt and pepper shakers. Modern twists on tableware are both useful and visually appealing.Furniture is a large piece of the home decorating puzzle. Today there are so many beautiful options. Discover a few original pieces to tell your story. Go big with a set of handmade chairs or select a small unique side table. Even original throw pillows will make a huge difference in the quality of a room. Price is no longer an issue when considering art for your home. Original artwork is priced across a wide range depending on your selections. Large pieces will be more expensive, but it can be practical as well. When purchasing furniture, lights and other functional pieces, first take a look at artist offerings. They quite possibly will fit into your budget and provide a more beautiful option than something from a regular box store. Held fine art giclee by Dina KowalMake your home uniquely your own with the help of ArtsyHome. The goal is to connect homeowners and designers with a diverse group of talented artists from all across the globe. This presents the buyer with tremendous choices not found in retail stores. New pieces are being added continuously. You can keep updated on design trends and discover emerging artists from the comfort of your own home. ArtsyHome is a dynamic website gallery created with you in mind. Contact their team at customercare@ArtsyHome.com or 1-866-892-0510. Property Listings Reviews on Zillow 2936191 "We have known David Caracausa for over 2 decades. The marketing and eventual sale of our house was quick, efficient and painless. It only took about ... more "5.0/5.0 by coachjane122869426 "David is the consummate professional. 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