Beach House Decorating Ideas for a Relaxing Feel

When you think about the term beach house, the first thing that races across the mind is golden sunshine and serene sands. Of course, you would rather spend all your time taking a dip or sunbathing, but you will have to retreat to your beach home at some point. As such, when decorating your beach house, you'll want the finished room to rhyme with the surroundings.Well, decorating your home to give you an easy and free feeling can be achieved without spending a fortune. The beach house style is breezy, fresh, clean and crisp. To achieve this distinct theme, you must take all your decorating ideas from nature. An example would be bringing in elements of the sand into your home and unwind in a pristine setting. That being said, here are some of the top home decoration ideas and tips that will make your house reminiscent of the beach.Check out this great video for some neat ideas: First things first, de-clutter the place. Beach decor is known to be minimalistic. Less really becomes more when you realize the amazing ways you can decorate without having a lot of stuff around.It also a good idea to choose ocean inspired colors for the walls. Any of the cool hues will work nicely. Pinks, corals, pastel blues and other natural but soft colors will give you an excellent canvas to work from. You should also consider stark whites, as they lend the room and open and airy feeling.Beach decor can include the many creatures of the sea: crabs, ocean dwellers, and your favorite meal (lobsters!) can make a great addition to any family room or kitchen.If you are a crabbing or lobster loving family, hanging traps in the room can be an impressive feel, especially if you have the old-school cage traps that have seen years of action. Maybe you had a grandfather that left behind some old, rusty equipment that gives the room a family friendly, nostalgic feel.You can use plank like paneling in your bedroom to give a shanty beach impression. However, you may want to keep it simple and use colors that complement each other.Natural wood floors are excellent for a beach setting. Adding throw rugs that are warm to the feet will be an excellent idea. Again, stick with the soft natural colors.Wicker furniture is a favorite of decorators when it comes to home beach themes. These furnishings add to the feeling of being a bungalow located on the ocean front. Consider adding glass vases with colorful flowers to complete the decor. You can ideally use plants found around water bodies to complete the look.Also, you may want to consider slip covers that match the rest of the room. This will lend a vacation like feel to the home. You can ideally buy a few ottomans as they not only look great but provide extra sitting space.Tile floors can ideally be a great option for beach decor. You can enhance the look of the tiles with rugs as they tend to give a contrast found outdoors.Don't stop with the indoors, take your creativity to the patio. Adirondack chairs and a table can match any beach house decor theme. You can also use candle lanterns to some glow to the night as you enjoy the sunset view while sipping a glass of wine.If you follow these tips, you are certain to have a house that will take you and your guests' breath away every time your walk in through the doors. Property Listings Reviews on Zillow 2936191 "We have known David Caracausa for over 2 decades. The marketing and eventual sale of our house was quick, efficient and painless. It only took about ... more "5.0/5.0 by coachjane122869426 "David is the consummate professional. We selected him as our realtor after interviewing other well regarded realtors in our market. He distinguished ... more "5.0/5.0 by meheister2435509 "David Caracausa was an outstanding personal representative for my recent home sale in North Wales, Pa. He was excellent in all areas from staging of ... more "5.0/5.0 by allan truant
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