Real Estate Virtual Video Tours Are a Big Hit

Real estate virtual tours are awesome ways to show a home. As the prospect visually follows the tour they get a much better feeling for what the property is all about. It's a great idea to start from the front of the home and make your way in, moving from room to room like a pro.Take extra time on the nicest areas of the house, and the spots that are popular like bathrooms, living room, kitchen, etc.. Of course if you are allowed to fly a drone in your area it's great to swoop into the propery from great heights.Of course if the lawn is full of weeds, and the roof is missing shingles maybe skip that part. Sometimes people like to see the neighboorhood as well so you can fly the drone around to get those shots too. These guys are working on some interesting cool live video streaming solutions that may work great for real estate tours. The bottom line is make sure to get great footage with lots of natural light and you will do great.With recent technology advancements, we are even seeing virtual reality tours!  One overlooked addition to your video, especially if it's narrated, is to add captions. Consider the number of devices that people could be using to watch your video, and where they could be in terms of background noise and inability to hear well. The Benefits of Transcribing & Captioning Online Video ContentTranscription & closed captioning is usually an afterthought. You’ve spent hours shooting & editing your video, and after it’s all said and done, do you really want to sit there and type away monotonously? The answer is yes. Here are some compelling reasons to transcribe & caption your videos. According to Facebook’s own metrics, videos with an embedded closed captioning track are watched 20% longer than non-captioned videos. On YouTube, if you add a caption file with an accurate transcript, YouTube/Google will index the transcript. This helps your video’s performance and your video views will go up because Google’s search engine can read the text and get a more thorough understanding of your video’s content. Generally, the more information you can give YouTube/Google the better your video will perform. In 2013, Discovery Digital Networks decided to caption all of their YouTube content to see if it would boost viewership and engagement. After 14 days their video views went up a staggering 13.48%. In the United States we have an aging population, which means about 20% of people have some hearing loss. Making your video accessible to more people is a great thing to do. Closed captioning opens up access to people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to enjoy your content. When browsing the web people often turn the sound off to avoid annoying sounds & ads. Facebook will auto-play your video with captions if the viewer’s sound is off, this feature will engage more people. Transcription and captioning services are very helpful in this regard. You could also attempt to do it yourself or train someone in the office, as the skill has become particularly accessible in the last few years. This great list of top software can help you choose which equipment is right for you.Have you had any success with using virtual tours? Let me know in the comments below. Property Listings Reviews on Zillow 2936191 "We have known David Caracausa for over 2 decades. The marketing and eventual sale of our house was quick, efficient and painless. It only took about ... more "5.0/5.0 by coachjane122869426 "David is the consummate professional. We selected him as our realtor after interviewing other well regarded realtors in our market. He distinguished ... more "5.0/5.0 by meheister2435509 "David Caracausa was an outstanding personal representative for my recent home sale in North Wales, Pa. He was excellent in all areas from staging of ... more "5.0/5.0 by allan truant
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